Kolkata Customs

ORDER-IN-APPEAL NO. RTI/CUS/KOL/PORT/APPEAL/ 08/2022 Date of Order. 28/09/2022

ORDER-IN-APPEAL NO. 07/JC/ KOL/CUS/RTI (Appeals)/2022 (AP & ACC) Date of Order. 12/09/2022

ORDER-IN-APPEAL NO. RTI/CUS/KOL/PORT/APPEAL/07/2022 Date of Order. 07/09/2022

ORDER-IN-APPEAL NO. O6/JC/KOL/CUS/RTI (Appeals) /2022 (AP & ACC) Date of Order. 01/09/2022

ORDER-IN-APPEAL NO. RTI/CUS/KOL/PORT/APPEAL/06/2022 Date of Order. 30/08/2022

ORDER-IN-APPEAL NO. RTI/CUS/KOL/PORT/APPEAL/05/2022 Date of Order. 23/08/2022

ORDER-IN-APPEAL NO. RTI/CUS/KOL/PORT/APPEAL/04/2022 Date of Order. 19/08/2022

ORDER-IN-APPEAL NO. RTI/CUS/KOL/PORT/APPEAL/03/2022 Date of Order. 25/07/2022

ORDER-IN-APPEAL NO. O3/JC/KOL/CUS/RTI (Appeals)/2022 (AP & ACC) Date of Order. 11/07/2022

ORDER-IN-APPEAL NO. RTI/CUS/KOL/PORT/APPEAL/02/2022 Date of Order: 12/05/2022

ORDER-IN-APPEAL NO. RTI/CUS/KOL/PORT/APPEAL/01/2022 Date of Order: 05/05/2022

Order No- 01 /JC/ KOL/CUS/RTI (Appeals)/2022( P &ACC) Date of Order: 27/01/2022

Order No-18/JC/ KOL/CUS/RTI (Appeals)/2021 (AP &ACC) Date of Order: 25/11/2021

Order No-15/JC/ KOL/CUS/RTI (Appeals)/2021 (AP &ACC) Date of Order: 31/08/2021

ORDER-IN-APPEAL NO.RTI/CUS/KOL/PORT/APPEAL/02/2O21 Date of Order: 26/07/2021

Order No - 14/ADC/ KOL/CUS/RTI (Appeals)/2021 (AP &ACC) Date of Order: 13/07/2021

Order No - 12/ADC/ KOL/CUS/RTI (Appeals)/2021 (AP &ACC) Date of Order: 22/06/2021

Order No - 11/ADC/ KOL/CUS/RTl (Appeals)12021 (AP &Acc) Date of Order: 17/06/2021

Order in Appeal of Arpan Sarkar - reg.

Information against 1st appeal 12/ADC/KOL/CUS/RTI (Appeals)/2020(AP & ACC) in reference of RTI application dated 04.06.2020 under RTI Act,2005 – reg

Reply to 1st Appeal of Shri Rajesh Kumar

Order in Appeal of Sumeet Paul- reg.

Order in Appeal of Soni Kumar - reg.

RTI Appeal of Shri Sumeet Paul

Order No - 04/ADC/KOL/CUS/RTI(Appeals)/2021 (AP & ACC)

Order No - 02/ADC/KOL/CUS/RTI(Appeals)/2021 (AP & ACC)

Order No. - 01/ADC/KOL/CUS/RTI(Appeals)/2021 (AP & ACC)

14/ADC/KOL/CUS/RTI (Appeals)/2020 (AP & ACC)

Designating official email id for communication with Office of the Commissioner of Customs (Appeals), custom House, Kolkata - reg.

Public Notice No - 02/2020 Launch of e-office in the commissioner of customs ( Appeal), Custom House Kolkata.

Public Notice No - 03/2020 Revised Guidelines for conduct of personal Hearings in virtual mode under customs ACT 1962-reg

01/ADC/KOL/CUS/RTI (Appeals)/2020 (AP & Admin)

02/ADC/KOL/CUS/RTI (Appeals)/2020 (AP & Admin)

03/ADC/KOL/CUS/RTI (Appeals)/2020 (AP & Admin)

04/ADC/KOL/CUS/RTI (Appeals)/2020 (AP & Admin)

05/ADC/KOL/CUS/RTI (Appeals)/2020 (AP & Admin)

06/ADC/KOL/CUS/RTI (Appeals)/2020 (AP & ACC)

07/ADC/KOL/CUS/RTI (Appeals)/2020 (AP & ACC)

08/ADC/KOL/CUS/RTI (Appeals)/2020 (AP & ACC)

ORDER IN APPEAL Order No. 14/ADC/KOL/CUS/RTI/(Appeals)/2019(AP &Admn.) dated 19.11.2019

Order in Appeal No.03 dated 28.08.2019

Order in Appeal No.04 dated 28.08.2019

Order in Appeal No.02 dated 02.09.2019

Order in Appeal dated 12.09.2019

Order in Appeal dated 12.09.2019

Appeal letter-Hindi Pakhwada from 01 September to 15 September

Order-in-Appeal vide Order No. 13/ADC/KOL/CUS/RTI(Appeals)/2019(AP & Admn.) dated 22.08.2019.

Order in Appeal dated 20.08.2019

Order in Appeal dated 20.08.2019

Order in Appeal dated 09.08.2019

Order-in-Appeal-RTI Appeal Registration No. CCUKL/A/2019/60003 Dated 20.05.2019 filed by Shri Rajat Gupta of Haryana-Order u/s 19(6) of the RTI Act, 2005 regarding.

Order-in-Appeal dated 11.07.2019

Order-in-Appeal Dated 09.07.2019

Order-in-Appeal Dated 04/07/2019

Order-in-Appeal Dated 02.07.2019

Order-in-Appeal Dated 20.06.2019

Order-in-Appeal Dated 31.05.2019

Order-in-Appeal Dated 29/04/2019

Order-in-Appeal dated 15/03/2019



Order-in-Appeal dated 07/02/2019