Kolkata Customs
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                        LIST OF SECTION DIRECTORY

Department Phone/FAX  Nos. Preferred Email Id/Login Id
PS to Commissioner (Airport & Admin) 2243-5372, 22105101 (FAX) pscommr-apkolcus@gov.in
Airport AIU  2511-8048 aiu-apkolcus@gov.in
Airport Admin  2511-9050 airportadmn-apkolcus@gov.in
SCH 2230-4629 sch-apkolcus@gov.in
SIB ACC 2511-8984 sibacc-apkolcus@gov.in
ACC (Admin) & Appg General 2511-1098 accadmn-apkolcus@gov.in
ACC (Import)   accimport-apkolcus@gov.in
ACC (Export)   accexport-apkolcus@gov.in
ACC (Bond)   accbond-apkolcus@gov.in
Coordination Cell 2262-5849 coord-apkolcus@gov.in
CB Section   cblicence-apkolcus@gov.in