Kolkata Customs


Sl. No. Name(s) of the Officer Designation Charges Held Phone no. e-mail ID/Login ID
1 Upendra Kumar Dhruv Deputy Commissioner of Customs (Port) Appraising Gr. I & II,  Special Disposal Cell 2262 4338 dhruv.uk@gov.in
2 Vivekanand Maurya Deputy Commissioner of Customs (Port) Appraising Gr. III & V, EDI, EOMC, Lic Section, Import Noting, Import Bond, 2262 5009 vivekanand.maurya@nic.in
3 Dr. Srikant Kumar Mohapatra Deputy Commissioner of Customs (Port) Appg Gr. IV, Nepal & Bhutan Unit, Legal & Prosecution Cell, Review Cell, Tribunal, Appeal & Settlement Commission 2231 7224 sri.mohapatra@gov.in
4 L. Prabhunanda Singh Deputy Commissioner of Customs (Port) Appg. Gr. VA & VB   prabhunanda.s@gov.in
5 Basant Kumar Deputy Commissioner of Customs (Port) Appg Gr. VI, Project Import, Project Import Finalisation Cell, Appraising General including RTI & SEVOTTAM), CPGRAM 2230 4646 basant.k68@gov.in
6 Pauzakham Nagaite Deputy Commissioner of Customs (Port) SIB, IPR, SVB, SPS 2230 4605 pauzakham.nagaite@gov.in
7 Prdeep Kumar Jeena Assistant Commissioner of Customs (Port) Audit, PCA & OSPCA,MCD, Adjudication Cell 2230 4141 pradeepkm.j@gov.in
8 Debasis Majumdar Assistant Commissioner of Customs (Port) STRC, Appraising Refund Section    debasis.majumdar2013@gov.in
9 Subrata De Assistant Commissioner of Customs (Port) PAD, Drawback, IGST Refund, Export 2248 0367 subrata.de@gov.in
10 Subrato Mukherjee Assistant Commissioner of Customs (Port) Netaji Subhash Docks (NSD), Phonex Logistics CFS, Balmer Lawrie CFS, All Cargo CFS 2439 1233 subrato.mukherjee@gov.in
11 Kaushik Das Assistant Commissioner of Customs (Port) Khidirpur Docks (KPD), Century Ply (Sonai & JJP) CFS, CWC CFS ,CONCOR CFS & Transworld Terminal CFS   kaushik.das@nic.in
12 Santosh Sharan Deputy Commissioner of Customs (Port) Import & Export Examination, Preventive, Nepal Unit, Haldia & Import & Export Assessment, Administration, Audit, Bond & MCD, Haldia 03224 251932 santosh.sharan@gov.in